Dispatches from the Unlikeliest of Labs

Dispatch #7 Feminist care ethics in survey research on prejudice against gender and sexual minorities Studying prejudice against gender and sexual minorities via survey methods often involves asking participants to rate their agreement with some, uh, distasteful statements (to say the very, very least). Some scales dive deep into highly stigmatizing beliefs, expressions of disgust, […]

Dispatches from the Unlikeliest of Labs

Dispatch #6 From Nonbinary Lives to Nonbinary Science By Will Beischel Last summer I was in the antechamber of the gender-neutral bathroom at my favorite club in Chicago. It’s a gender-diverse haven. In that bathroom I’ve discovered gender expressions I didn’t even know possible and connected with people who continue to inspire me aesthetically and […]

Dispatches from the Unlikeliest of Labs

Dispatch #5 As a Woman Doing Sex Research By Sara B. Chadwick, M.S. When I tell people that I am a sex researcher, they often want to talk to me about their own views, perceptions, and experiences of sex. Sometimes, this is awesome! I’ve certainly learned some interesting perspectives from these conversations, and I would […]

Out of the lab and into the home: Rose Franzblau, the trained buttinsky

By Elizabeth Johnston & Ann Johnson We’ve been following with interest the controversies swirling around “power pose” advocate and social psychologist Amy Cuddy (see her wildly popular TED talk here). Cuddy, along with Brené Brown,  a Social Work professor who has found success with TED-bred self-help products aimed mainly at women, highlights feelings of insecurity […]

Standpoints is back! Meet your new editors

Hello! We are Tal Davidson and Susannah Mulvale, members of Psychology’s Feminist Voices team, and the new co-editors of the Standpoints blog! Under the curation of former editor Dr. Jacy Young, Standpoints has become an engaging and entertaining mosaic of reflections and essays, highlighting a diverse range of psychological topics and feminist perspectives. We are […]

13 Questions with Lucy Xie

In the style of Vogue’s 73 Questions series, Psychology’s Feminist Voices presents: 13 Questions with Lucy Xie. We hope you enjoy this glimpse into the life of one of the many fantastic members that make up the PFV team. Standpoints is on hiatus over the summer, but we will return in September with more posts […]

SHiFTing Conversations about Sexuality

By Maria Gurevich Welcome to the SHiFT Lab (Sexuality Hub: Integrating Feminist Theory) at Ryerson University! As a collective of critical sexuality scholars, we are broadly interested in the socio-cultural, scientific and political forces that shape sexual and gender messages, mandates and practices. Interrogating assumptions about normalcy, agency, desire, and relationship conduct are at the core […]

“This photo…is a representation of my fear”: A PhotoVoice Examination of University Women’s Safety Concerns and Campus Rape Culture

By Nicole Jeffrey Recently, there has been increased attention to sexual violence on university campuses. Current legislation in Ontario – where I live and work – now requires post-secondary institutions to have sexual violence policies in place. Hoping to contribute to broader discussions about addressing sexual violence on university campuses, my colleagues and I from the […]