Queer History – It’s Not Always Straight Forward!

By Katherine Hubbard A significant portion of the letters, photographs and diaries which document queer history have historically been coded, burned or otherwise destroyed. Doing queer history can therefore be particularly challenging. However, it is precisely because of this challenge that queer histories are all the more important. The stigmatisation and pathologisation of sexual minorities […]

Dispatches from the Unlikeliest of Labs

Dispatch #4 When Participants Speak Back: The Growing Pains of Testing a Cherished Theory By Will Beischel “Please stop making such overly complicated surveys to answer relatively simple questions.” “I don’t need crazy charts to help me know who I am.” “Quit being a bunch of idiotic, useless twits. GET A REAL JOB!” Responses like […]

Why We Need A Recent History of Lesbian and Gay Psychology

By Peter Hegarty On and off, since 1997, I have been teaching courses to psychology students in the USA and in the UK with such titles as “Lesbian and gay perspectives on psychology,” “Critical lesbian and gay psychology” and “LGBT psychology.” There has always been a substantial historical influence on my design of those courses, […]